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We are proud to announce that we now carry Answers Pet Food Products- "Integrating Raw Feeding and Science."

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Qest Bioenergetic Testing

The Qest Bioenergetic Test helps to detect and address energetic and functional disturbances.  Functional disturbances are determined to be present when the animal is experiencing symptoms but conventional diagnostic testing cannot identify a cause.   

Using a small sample of your pet's DNA (fur, nail clippings, and/or saliva), the Qest test can identify "red flags" that may be causing your pet's symptoms.  Some things it tests for are allergen sensitivities, chemical toxicities, digestive issues, immune disorders, metabolic disorders, nutritional deficiencies, pathogenic factors, respiratory issues, and urogenital disorders. 

Once the testing is complete the best approach for resolution can be determined,  such as dietary changes, nutritional and/or herbal supplementations etc. which can be made to combat/help any issues.  Once the animal has been on the recommendations for a specified amount of time, we retest samples to determine what changes have occurred and if anything needs to be "tweaked." 

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Back On Track

We are now offering  Back on Track  products.  Most of the products will be special order, but we will have limited supplies in the hospital.   Back on Track combines textile technology, Chinese Medicine and heat therapy to help create a more active and comfortable life....

"Back on Track's joint and muscle support are all made of functional textiles with heat reflective properties. The textile is a synergy of ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology. During the manufacturing of polyester- or polyester fibers, the ceramic particles are fused into the fibers. When heated, the ceramic particles radiate a heat back towards the body. This reflected heat is long-wave heat radiation, which is also known as long wave infrared radiation."

Inflammatory Fatty Acid Testing (iFATS)

The iFATS test links nutrition with inflammation.  It measures the ratio of "good" fatty acids (omega-3) to "bad" fatty acid (omega-6).  Having too high of a level of "bad" fatty acids can lead to inflammation throughout the body, resulting in things like IBD, kidney disease, pancreatitis, dermatitis, cancer, osteoarthritis, and obesity.  Having a healthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 helps to maintain the well-being and health of the skin, fur, joints, and immune system.  If your pet is found to have an unhealthy ratio, we recommend supplementation along with regular testing to ensure they maintain a healthy ratio.

Vitamin D Testing

A wide range of diseases have been linked to low Vitamin D levels in humans and animals.  Low Vitamin D levels increase  the risk for things like infection, heart disease, cancer, IBD, dermatitis, auto-immune disease, allergies, kidney disease, and inflammation.  Unlike humans, animals do not synthesize Vitamin D from the sun, meaning they can only get it from their food.  Since only a specific amount is allowed to be added to commercial diets, about 75% of dogs and cats are deficient in Vitamin D.   If your pet is found to be deficient we recommend supplementation along with regular testing to be sure they maintain appropriate levels.

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Massage Therapy with Acupressure

Your pet can benefit from the same great massage therapy that you do.